Consultation document 01: rev.1, updated October 2022Common practices for recognition of European competency
levels for scientific diving at work - European Scientific
Diver (ESD) / Advanced European Scientific Diver (AESD)
Consultation document 02: May 2011The delivery of science through diving: a review of recent 
scientific highlights and the framework for occupational scientific diving in Europe
Consultation document 03: September 2011Guidelines for Scientific Diving from large Research VesselsPDF
Consultation document 04: version 2, April 2024ESDP Best Practice for using Closed Circuit Rebreather for
Scientific Diving at work
Consultation document 05: currently draftedMedical examinations through Europe
Consultation document 06: version 1, January 2022Occupational Scientific Diving requirements facilitating safe
mobility of scientific divers within Europe
Consultation document 07: in projectOccupational scientific diving training in Europe
Consultation document 08: in projectOccupational vs. Citizen scientific diving