21st ESDP meeting, Heraklion, Greece

The 21st ESDP meeting has been held at the HCMR, Heraklion, Creta, on November 2018, 26-28th. ESDP was invited to present the panel at the MARS directors meeting (presentation at the bottom of this post)

November 26th
– Arrival and welcome coffee
– Adoption of the agenda
– Approval of minutes from the 20th ESDP meeting
– Consolidate and clarify ESDP membership categories / representativity
– Overview of national updates and potential new candidates
– Last examination of the ToR / anything to clarify, complete …
– Exploring avenues of cooperation with MARSnetwork
– Updating the ESDP web site, national contributions, holding page on MARS website
– lunch break
– Scientific Divers community survey (M. Ponti initiative)
– (ESDP) working group on SD European Conference
– A European Scientific Divers database ?
– Common reference list for scientific diving (zotero)  (new SD supported article survey)
– Consultation documents (pan-European approach)
    = medical examination
    = rebreathers: setup of a specialized working group
    = how to fit national rules to dive abroad (reciprocity): towards an equivalency list
– Any other business and location of next meeting
November 27th
– Discussions about
    = Questions or points to develop with MARS directors
    = propositions to MARS for common actions
    = Subjects and task force for conferences on scientific diving
Any other subjects ?
November 28th
MARS directors meeting

Minutes (private use)

Presentation to the MARS directors meeting here

IMBBC – Institute of Marine Biology, Biotechnology and Aquaculture
Main Building of HCMR
Former U.S. Base of Gournes
71500 Gournes
Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Location: From the airport to the hotel (15 km) & From the hotel to the venue (1300 m)
Accomodation: Your Memories Hotel (Booking: Please refer to the e-mail sent on the 02/08/2018 / 13:26)
Kato Gouves 700 14
Heraklion, Crete
Tel. +30 28970 41844
E-mail: info@yourmemorieshotel.com