There is a work-environment authority regulation which is regulating all work diving in Sweden. This decree was issued in 2010. It says under the explanations for section 7 on page 22:
“Scientific diving/scientific diver For scientific diving, two certificates have been produced in Europe for scientific divers, within the European Scientific Diving Committee. The lower level certificate is entitled “European Scientific Diver” (ESD) and the higher “Advanced European Scientific Diver” (AESD). Apart from diver expertise, the fundamental difference between these two certificates is that the AESD training grants eligibility to supervise scientific diving as it includes a basic diving supervisor education, whereas ESD only grants eligibility to participate in scientific dives. The ESD certificate is deemed to be equivalent to the Swedish professional diver certificate S 30”.

Welcome to dive for science in Sweden !!

AFS 2010:16 Provisions and General Recommendations of the Swedish Work Environment Authority on Diving Work