29th ESDP meeting, videoconference

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The 29th ESDP meeting will be held on the 25th October 2022, from 10:00 CET

– Welcome

– Adoption of the agenda

Taking notes for the minutes

– Approval of the last minutes (28th ESDP meeting)

– Tour de table (intervention of MARS)

+ News of the scientific diving in Gibraltar (scheduled for the 28th meeting)

+ Updates on national situations

– Reminder of the aims of the ESDP and the meaning of membership

– Comparison of the standards promulgated by the major recreational diving training agencies (e.g. GUE, CMAS) with the ESDP standards

+ Information about the content (duration, minimum requirements, …) of training

+ Means of controlling the content and execution of training courses and the criteria for issuing certificates

– Follow up of the ISO standards process, official position of the countries represented (BE, FR, IT, PT, UK, others ?)

– Updating of the website (for broader participation by members)

– Actions:

+  Update on consultation document 01

+ New consultation documents

++ SD and citizen sciences (Philipp)

++ Training courses and National issuing of SD certification (Jouni, Tinka)

+ Examination of the candidatures for the election of the next chairman during the spring session 2023 (eligible: statutory members). (candidates’ statement of aims to voters will be forwarded by electronic means in 2023, voting process (polling?))

– Date and format of the next 2023 spring meeting

– Any other business

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