Diving is a highly-productive, cost-effective research tool that supports underwater research through efficient and targeted sampling, quantitative survey, quantitative observation, making in situ measurement, undertaking impact studies, performing ecological analyses, evaluating new techniques, mapping underwater areas, profiling subtidal geology/geochemistry, and accurate deployment/retrieval of underwater apparatus (Definition).

ESDP is a panel of the European Network of Marine Research Institutes and Stations

The aims of the ESDP are to maintain and further develop a framework on which competencies for scientific diving recognised in different Member States under different training routes and differing levels of national legislation can be translated easily and effectively in order to facilitate greater participation by scientists in diving-based pan-European research programmes while continuing to advance collectively the available underwater techniques and technologies.
– encouraging international mobility in the European scientific diving community
– promoting safety in scientific diving across Europe
– advancing underwater scientific excellence in Europe

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ESDP database for the recognition of national licences for scientific diving in European countries