8th ECSD – ESDP’s contributions

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Abstracts Book

Balazy P, Włodarska-Kowalczuk M, Chełchowski M, Opalińska Z, Zmudczyńska-Skarbek K. Tracking changes in benthic community composition along the seabird colony impact gradient with a photo-quadrat surveys in the Arctic (OP18) p.37

Norro A, Féral J-P. ISO standards for scientific diving. Are those standards addressing Occupational Scientific Diving or Citizen Science Diving? (OP31) final title: The ISO–8804 series: What kind of Scientific Diving is concerned here? p.50 – presentation

Cai L.L., Pedrotti F, Hadjioannou L. Using digital twins to advance our understanding and management of popular dive sites (OP39) p.58

Sayer MDJ, Marlowe C, Azzopardi E, Sayer-Mitchell JD. SCUBA diving as an essential tool for monitoring global ocean temperatures (OP40) p.59

Hocdé R, Thouzeau G, Amice E, Borel L, Coulange M, Féral J-P, Feunteun E, Jacquet S, Le Bras P, Le Gall L, Legrand S, Lenfant P, Lepage M, Saragoni G, Schull Q. Scientific diving in France: an overview of the current practices in science (P7) p.67 – poster