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Norwegian diving rules-By Law, which includes scientific diving:
Chapter 26 On safety and health for work under water or under increased environmental pressure, from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority (Arbeidstilsynet), 1 January, 2013

Work diving (including scientific diving): Changes in regulations from 1 January, 2019

Main changes in dive rules in Norway, from 1 January, 2019
• Increased minimum number of persons in dive team from 3 to 4: Diver, dive leader, rescue diver + line tender. Dive team of minimum 4 will be required from 1 January 2020.
• Dive leader course of minimum 2 weeks, with refresher course every 5 years.
• Rescue diver needs to be dressed up, with mask off, ready to go in the water within 1 min.
• Breathing gas should be with surface-supplied dive equipment (i.e. air hose to surface unit).
• Under safe conditions, it is possible to use SCUBA for rescue diving and training, with training for sports diving and instructors for sports diving, and with diving to 18 m depth when it is possible to dive according to dive rules and certificate A, and provided free access to the surface.
• Logging needs to be digital, and the information needs to be kept for 10 years. They need to be accessible for the Labour Authority, safety inspectors, and divers.
• Diving certificate Class A will certify the diver to perform simple and light work under water down to 30 m depth, but no heavy dive work (which is covered by certificate Class B).
• The work under class A can involve scientific diving for universities or institutes, including surveys, collections of samples, registrations, and photography.
• The current scientific diving license S becomes invalid from 1 January 2021. Then divers then need to have Class A, which involves 7 weeks dive training, or 4 weeks for conversion from S.

From: Haakon Hop, Norwegian Scientific Divers, 13.05.2019
New Leader for Norwegian Scientific Divers: Pernilla Carlsson (
Mats Walday will remain the main representative from NSD to ESDP meetings