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Scientific diving is represented in Finland by the Finnish Scientific Diving Steering Association (FSDASA). It is a registered non-governmental organisation, established by scientific divers in 2004. The purpose of the association is to promote safety and interests of occupational scientific divers and to issue and regulate the ESD and AESD training certifications in the country. Full members of the association are scientific divers who accept the purpose and rules of the association and hold a professional scientific diver’s qualification. Supporting members are individuals and legal organisations that accept the purpose and the rules. The board of the association is selected annually in a general meeting and acts as the national scientific diving committee. FSDSA is represented in the Euroopean Scientific Diving Panel and the Finnish Qualification Committee for Professional Divers. FSDSA is also arranging training and other events for its members and issues articles and notices related to scientific diving in traditional and social media.

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